Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Works by Rodney Wood

Now Showing at
The Churchill Gallery

The paintings of New Mexican artist Rodney Wood can be simultaneously beguiling and provocative. His dramatic works, both figurative and still life are sometimes described as Symbolic/Magic Realism or Emotional Realism. They provide the viewer an unexpected opportunity to discover something about himself or the world around him.

“ My paintings seek to explore human emotion. Simply put, they are paintings about feelings.”

Rodney’s remarkable anthropomorphic series fascinates with its unlikely juxtapositions. In Paramour, an elegant zebra waits patiently on a Victorian sofa. The Hedonists depict three flamingoes bathing in a claw-footed tub & in The Maestro, an aristocratic lion sits proudly atop a grand piano.

Fascinated by mythology, the cross-cultural role of symbols and by metaphor, Rodney also draws upon his rich dream life in his creative process. With a remarkable technique that recalls that of the great Flemish Masters, Rodney has created a collection which is at once, timeless and cutting edge.

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