Thursday, August 7, 2014

Walsingham Gallery presents Sara Demrow Dent

The Walsingham Gallery presents a painting demonstration with West Newbury artist Sara Demrow Dent on Sat., August 16, from 3 to 7 p.m.
Demrow Dent, a multi award-winning artist, has been writing and painting for over fifteen years. The artist describes her work as striving to “wed wild nature with a more architectural line,” and her unique style combines imagery with poetry.

The artist’s latest series is inspired by 19th Century wallpaper and incorporates elements of nature, such as birds and flowers, with her own original poetry woven in and out of the branches and stems.

In describing her process, Demrow Dent writes “My work begins quietly; I write a series of poetry that relates to my life and what I am going through at the time.” The artist’s words are woven into the scene with such subtlety, they are often not noticed at first glance. Their purpose is not to be read but to “impart the emotions of the writing within the work.”

This event is part of Artwalk. 

WHAT:  Sara Demrow Dent Painting Demonstration  WHERE:  The Walsingham Gallery, 47 Merrimac Street, Newburyport  WHEN:  Sat., Aug. 16, 3-7 p.m. TAKE NOTE: refreshments will be served  COST:  Free and open to the public  INFO: 978-499-4411;

Pictured: detail from "Abundant Joy" by Sara Demrow Dent