Friday, June 9, 2017


Helen Tory was born in Leichester, England. She studied at Parsons School of Design and worked with master printmakers including Donn Steward, Craig Zamiello, Piek Larson and Michael Mazur. She was co-founder and Assistant Director of Essex Art Center in Lawrence, MA until 2015. 
Printmaking, especially the unique print, monotype, is an endless exploration for me. There is an exciting sense of urgency as time is limited. I am drawn to the viscous inks rolled onto the metal plate. This surface can be wiped with cloth or drawn into with a spatula, pulling light and shape out of the background to create mood, texture, gesture and endless surprises. I relish the dense velvety blacks when printed onto paper using the etching press.
My aim is to capture a moment in nature and convey that to the viewer. While my interests are broad, having raised sheep for 25 years, they are one of my favorite subjects. I seek to express the sense of sheep, the feel, the touch, even the smell of them and prove that no two sheep are alike. They are individuals and have dignity and presence in a landscape I honor.“