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Jack Frost (1915-1997) was a New England sketch artist born in Eastport, Maine on December 22, 1915. After his graduation from the University of Maine, he went to the staff of the Boston Herald, and later became an artist and columnist for the Boston Post. Jack taught at Boston College, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and many other venues.
In 1958, Newburyport was one of twenty-nine cities to adopt the vision of Jack Frost’s ‘Yankee Homecoming”. His intention was to restore pride and interest in old cities like Newburyport that were the “historic homesteads where their ancestors had once lived” and the “roots” of their own national identity. After sixty-two years, Newburyport is the only surviving participant of this original vision.
The Jack and Jillson Frost Project exhibit is a tribute to this pilgrimage, bringing Jack Frost back home to where it all began in this very special Yankee Homecoming exhibit. The original works of Jack Frost are made possible by the collaboration of his daughter Jillson, and John Brown, artist of the Spirit of Newburyport, and Coordinator of the 4th Annual Inn Street Artisans Revival, and will be featured at Sweethaven Gallery, 25L Inn Street as part of the 4th Annual Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival, from July 27th through Sunday August 4th, and will be on exhibit through September 1st.
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B&W and color flower and still life photographs by Ezra Sesto
B&W landscape photographs of Paris by Vincent Lemonnier Ferro
Contemporary acrylic glass, metal and traditional landscape photographs by Greg Nikas
B&W landscape and botanical photographs by C. Max Schenk
Slab built tableware by Don Williams of Don Williams Clayworks
Cast bronze sculpture and jewelry by Lauren Josh Dow of GreenFoundry
Paintings and sculpture by Paul Neverette