Tuesday, November 23, 2021

IN MY TRAVELS – "One Blood" — Photography by Greg Nikas


One Blood — Jamaica

 IN MY TRAVELS is a collection of photographs by Greg Nikas that puts a smile on his face and brings back fond memories of the trips he was on when they were taken. 

“One Blood" was taken in Jamaica while on a stock shoot. Every city and town I went to had open markets that had displays like this, but only one had hats and belts displayed like this, and for me, that was the shot!  Luckily, I had a board of tourism driver who took me anywhere I wanted to go plus places he said I just had to see. And because lunch was always on me, he took me to the best local places to eat where I rarely saw any tourists. It was a great week, and I can remember almost every minute of it.

Greg’s work can be viewed at: sweethavengallery.com


This show will be on view through November 28th. 

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