About Us

The Newburyport Gallery Walk was organized in 2002 by a core group of about 15 independently-owned, local art galleries. Our first Gallery Walk was in March 2003.

We all knew Newburyport had a long tradition in the arts and was a strong arts destination already. At that time, many cities were beginning to organize such walks on a regular basis, so it was only natural to begin one here to promote the artists we represent.

We continue to be self-funded by the annual dues each gallery and sponsor pays to help spread the word about the galleries in Newburyport. In addition we are strongly supported by the City of Newburyport, the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and the Newburyport Arts Collective. 

Each year, we host two to four ArtWalk events which are self-guided tours of the Newburyport art galleries. Most ArtWalk events will include artist demonstrations or openings of new works by gallery artists, etc. along with light refreshments. Enjoy!